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Not Moving? 5 Keys to Stage Now VS. Later

This is an updated post from 7 years ago. We moved out of that home that same year. We got more money than we ever imagined. However, after all the work we did, the inspector pointed out so much more, honestly we should have walked away. The people wanted our home so badly and had written a ... READ the POST

Deviled Eggs Three Ways

This is an updated post from about 4 years ago. So glad I found it because I was craving these recipes! I am relaunching my blog as I begin my new YouTube Channel , the link is for my Spring Decor Dining Room Video and updates. Be sure to check it out and please subscribe as I am beginning several ... READ the POST

Spring Decor for Home and Table

This is an updated post from 4 years ago! Since then, I have moved 3 times, built 3 homes and getting ready to finally move into that "DREAM" home. So much of my home decor has been in bins in a storage facility and pretty much unreachable. It has been really hard on this gal who loves to decorate. ... READ the POST