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Looking for an Answer?

Are you looking for an answer? What have you tried? Called or texted a friend? "googled" it? read a book? watched a youtube video? What did I miss? Sometimes we don't realize that we are looking for that answer at that moment because it seems to have been a while since we ... READ the POST

struggling with questions, worry, decisions? I've got an answer for you.

Do I Trust You, Lord – Part 1

We all are going to struggle in this life in many ways and at many times. We often think we are alone and that no one could understand what we are going through. We may even resent people trying to empathize with us, because after all, they aren't the one facing what we are facing. But if you are ... READ the POST

My Secret To Joy

We have a certain amount of time in our life, literally. Every second that goes by is gone, never to return again. Sometimes I consider that as I waste an hour on hold or get upset over something ubsurd and realize I used the time of my life for nothing.  Does it give you pause? Are You List ... READ the POST

Keto Soup Diet Day 2

Hi all! I'm back to talk about my Keto Soup Diet Day 2. If you are just running across this post, you can catch up by checking out Reset the New Year and Keto Soup Diet Day 1, It's never too late to begin and this is a timeless post so read the first two and get your plan together, leave a ... READ the POST

I took a selfie today and could clearly see the weight loss in my face.

First Day of Keto Soup Diet

If you missed my announcement of this diet, you can check out Reset the New Year. So did you join me for this week of the Keto Soup Diet? Off to a Great Start! I wanted to get a few days of keto in before starting and OMG! I lost 7 pounds in those 3 days. Now, yes some was water but I can ... READ the POST

It feels wonderful to begin this diet for weight loss after already dropping 7 pounds.