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"True beauty is found in the flaws that make us unique. I am Wonderfully Made & Beautifully Flawed.” ~ Debbie

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Looking for an Answer?

Are you looking for an answer? What have you tried? Called or texted a friend? "googled" it? read a book? watched a youtube video? What did I miss? Sometimes we don't realize that we are looking for that answer at that moment because it seems to have been a while since we ... READ the POST

struggling with questions, worry, decisions? I've got an answer for you.

Debbie’s Favorite “Chilly Night Chili”

Back by popular demand, my very own Chilly Night Chili Recipe originally posted in fall of 2016 along with 18 other bloggers. This time, my recipe only. I will leave a link for the former post if you wish to check out some of the others, however, in two years time many bloggers may no longer have ... READ the POST

Easter Traditions for Little Ones

  Easter Traditions, like most traditions help our little ones to mark time and seasons, to build memories and to anticipate. In a world that is often chaotic with busy schedules and unpredictable situations, traditions bring a form of security and comfort, something they can rely on to be ... READ the POST

Deviled Easter Eggs Three Ways

I am not a foodie blogger, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy food or the creation of recipes. So my post may not be as polished as those bloggers who do food all week long, but I promise it will taste just as good! If you missed last week's Bunny Hop, we showcased Tablescapes! This is week ... READ the POST