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2020 April Dovie’s Book Club Review and Recommendations

Dovie's Book Club Reviews and Recommendations missed March. I apologize, but you can all imagine what happened because it happened to all of us. I am so excited to bring you these titles for April! The majority of these books were so good, I would read them again and hope they get made into a ... READ the POST

2020 January Dovie’s Book Club Review and Recommendations

Disclaimer: Links within this post are affiliates. This means I may receive a small commission from your click or purchase at no cost to you. I appreciate your support. Regardless of how you read books, using Audible, Kindle Reader or the hand held page turner, this Book Club is for you! My ... READ the POST

This first novel for the author is being made into a movie, so that kind of says it all!

Ketogenic Diet, Let’s Do This!

You have decided to give the Ketogenic Diet a try. Where to start? Disclaimer: If you are under a physician's care for any disease or on any medication, be sure to check with your physician before changing your diet. This post is to share my experience and inspire those who read it to do their ... READ the POST

Ketogenic Diet, Where to start?

Lose Weight For Good This Time

What new diet are you thinking of trying for 2020? It's kind of cliche', right? January comes and there is a rush at the gym, the diet centers enrollment go off the charts and millions are looking for that fast fix to lose weight for good this time. But if you are reading this, most ... READ the POST

Cravings gone. Hunger gone. Food no longer waged a hold over me.

Looking for an Answer?

Are you looking for an answer? What have you tried? Called or texted a friend? "googled" it? read a book? watched a youtube video? What did I miss? Sometimes we don't realize that we are looking for that answer at that moment because it seems to have been a while since we ... READ the POST

struggling with questions, worry, decisions? I've got an answer for you.