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"True beauty is found in the flaws that make us unique. I am Wonderfully Made & Beautifully Flawed.” ~ Debbie

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Instagram Automation Is Here! Schedule It & Forget It!

Do you struggle trying to have a consistent Instagram thread?  Does the perfect photo not present itself when you happen to have your phone?  Would you like to schedule blog posts to Instagram? How would it feel to have your time freed up from posting to Instagram every few hours of the ... READ the POST

8 Kitchen Pendants for Under $200

    I may receive commissions from the links on this page, thank you for supporting my business. I have had to make a lot of trips over to our new home for repairs and of course most of you know we aren't moving in for several months, so I get to dream while I wait for workers in ... READ the POST

Read Believe Achieve! 2018 Best 13 Books for Girl Boss Life

Read, Believe, Achieve! I love to read. I love to write! I think most authors love reading as much as they do writing and probably a little bit more. I devour non-fiction. I am a life-learner. I can't imagine a day that I would wake up and not hungrily desire to understand something I didn't ... READ the POST

Create Your Color Story & Inspiration Wall

What's your color story? What visually moves you to be creative and productive? Is your office space a happy place? Can you hardly wait until your morning chores done so you can go to your office and start living your dreams? My tag line is "Live Life Colorfully." So there is nothing I enjoy ... READ the POST